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Yearly Archives: 2016

New features and the Consumerization of IT


I have some advice for IT Admins and I’m not pointing the finger. Four fingers are pointing back at me and it’s something I need to work on. 2017 is the year of simplification in technology, for me and my

Azure Information Protection Dezember Update

Ich habe bereits öfters über Azure Information Protection in meinem Blog berichtet und berichte heute noch kurz die Neuerungen im Dezember. Denn auch in den vergangenen Wochen hat sich einiges getan, wenn es darum geht seine Dateien und seine Kommunikation zu

Dear Microsoft: Please Fix Retrieving SharePoint Lookup Columns with REST When the Lookup List is in Another Web


I love SharePoint. I really do. I especially love writing client side code to build awesome applications for my clients. Today’s annoyance, though, comes while I am in the process of rewriting an application I built on SharePoint 2007, porting

Office 365 Advent Calendar – 24 Office 365: Overview of Services and Applications


I’ll finish this year’s Office 365 Advent Calendar with a small overview of the Office 365 Services and Applications. Basically, the following document contains all current services and applications with a short description. You can use this document as a

Office 365 Advent Calendar – 23 Bulk-updating File Extensions in SharePoint Online with PowerShell

Scenario A short while ago, I had to update a fairly large number of documents in multiple libraries in a SharePoint Online site. Problem was that their file extension was .html which doesn’t display in the browser if stored in

IoT – Reading from multiple sensors with NodeJS on Raspberry PI

I got this amazing sensor tag from Texas Instrument: I saw this up and working at Microsoft one month ago, however at that time the sample provided was with C, I am not familiar with C and I really

Office 365 Advent Calendar – 22 Modern and Classic Experience in SharePoint Online

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced and rolled out the modern experience for lists. They didn’t stop at that, but also introduced modern pages and sites. But what are the differences to the ‘classic experiences’, so the type of lists, libraries,

Office 365 Advent Calendar – 21 Get all Instances of a Web Part in a SharePoint Online Site

Scenario Sometimes you may need to figure out where a specific type of web part has been used. Today, I’ll show you how you can check all pages in your Site Pages library for a specific web part. I’ve had

Use your Online Archive with a Quick Step – Refreshed tip

We have had a lot of updates since I first recorded this tip in 2013. In this video I refresh the tip, discussing the increase to our Inbox size and the native Archive option in the right-click context menu. I

Azure Meetup Hamburg – Die Microsoft Cloud Deutschland

Ich freue euch mitteilen zu können, dass ich das Azure Meetup in Hamburg am 21.02.2017 besuchen werde. Dieses Meetup steht unter dem Titel „Microsoft Cloud Deutschland“. Gemeinsam wollen wir uns die Microsoft Cloud Deutschland genauer ansehen und über verschiedene Punkte (technisch-rechtlich) diskutieren.