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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Is Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication Right for You?


Microsoft just released the new Azure Pass-Through Authentication and seamless Single Sign On option available in the new Azure AD Connect. This new authentication mechanism has a lot of great features and is well thought out, but it’s not for

Real Time Temperature WebApp with Raspberry, Azure IoT Hub and SignalR


The IoT is exploding – and everybody is talking about it; Twitter feeds are buzzing, and blog posts are flooded with information. However, for many of us mere mortals, it looks like rocket science. In this post, I will try

Embed a Yammer conversation into a SharePoint page

I’d like to embed a discussion thread from Yammer, into one of the new SharePoint article pages with it’s modern Yammer web part. But I can only embed a Yammer group, topic (#hashtag), person or the All Network feed. What

Sending real time temperature messages to Azure IoT hub with NodeJS


And to conclude one series of post where I played for 3 days with the PI, grooveboard and some sensors, with this last step I wanted to send the messages that actually we need in the IoT Hub to be