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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Yammer – Mark all as Read, is here.

Do I need to say more than this? In February 2016 we received an update that allowed us to select posts and mark all the selected as read. But this update is the one we have been waiting for. Inbox

Buscar buzones inactivos – Exchange Online (Office 365)

  Que tal amigos,   En la publicación anterior les mostré una de las tantas formas en las que pueden detectar buzones inactivos dentro de Exchange Onpremises. En esta sencilla publicación les mostrare como buscar por buzones inactivos en Office

Webinar – Office 365 aus der Microsoft Cloud Deutschland

Am 14. Februar findet ein Webinar der Microsoft Deutschland statt. Mit dabei ist nicht nur Güther Igl, die neue Office 365 Chefin der deutschen Cloud Ulrike Grewe, sondern auch Swantje Richtiers, die die rechtlichen Zusammenhänge erläutert.  Also meldet euch an:

Creativity, Innovation, #Assembled17


If you have not already done so, you should sign up for next week’s free online event Assembled 2017. The event was organized by designers, marketers, professionals and entrepreneurs to share their ideas and best practices for taking creativity to

RC4 Kerberos and AD FS Issues

It has become common place to consider the position of the RC4 cipher in TLS connections, but this is not something that you can take from a TLS connection (HTTPS) and assume the same for Kerberos connections. If you do

The aOS Canadian Tour : In a city near you!


My next speaking engagement is gonna be an epic one! A good friend of mine, Luc Labelle from Kabesa, with the help of several MVPs from all over Canada, is throwing an amazing series of events during the second week

A new challenge is ahead of me – Joining Valo


It’s been a while since I posted here, but I am looking into getting back to blogging rapidly! In the meantime, a lot of great thing happened and I wanted to recap the last couple of months. 2toLead I had

OneDrive for Business’a Yönetici Yetkisi Atama


OneDrive for Business, Office 365 hizmetinin depolama alanı olarak kullanıcılar tarafından kullanılan önemli özelliklerinden biridir. Kullanıcılara dokümanları paylaşma ortamını ve beraber çalışma ortamını sunması da OneDrive for Business kullanımını arttırmaktadır. Varsayılanda, OneDrive for Business kullanıcılara ilgili lisansın atanmasının ardından kullanıcılarda

Microsoft Teams integration with Skype for Business

The voice/video/meeting component of Microsoft Teams is built on the next generation of Skype for Business infrastructure (which is touted to bring about the unification of the Skype consumer and Skype for Business platforms). There is a number of integration

Microsoft StaffHub


12 Ocak 2017′de Microsoft StaffHub, General Availability olarak piyasaya sunulmuştur. Peki Microsoft Staff nedir? Bilindiği üzere perakende mağazalarında, otellerde, lokantalarda, imalatlarda ve diğer hizmetlerle ilgili endüstride dünya çapında yaklaşık 500 milyon personel çalışmakta olup bu ve buna benzer sektörlerde digital