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Monthly Archives: January 2017

My first month of Android

After grumbling and ranting about how different things were for the first few days I settled in to a comfort zone. (My poor wife who has been using Android for a whole few months longer than me bore the brunt

OneDrive Next Generation Sync Client Tips&Tricks Özellikleri

Aralık 2015′te, olarak bahsettiğimiz Next Generation Sync Client uygulamasının bilindiği üzere piyasaya sürüldü. Birçok kullanıcı tarafından beğenilen Next Generation Sync Client ile senkronizasyon güvenilirlik ve performansda çarpıcı gelişmeler gözlemlendi. Sunduğu avantajlar ile de OneDrive for Business toplam depolama ve aktif

Change the notification email for directory synchronization failures


In this article we explore how to change the email address that receives the Office 365 directory synchronization failure notifications. We will explore how to do this with PowerShell. Let’s get started! Getting connected First, you will need to have

Unable to connect to the Synchronization Service


If you run into the following error after installing Azure AD Connect then the fix might be quite simple. There are certainly a number of in-depth articles out there concerning the synchronization service but this might be one quick step to