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Monthly Archives: February 2017

OneDrive for Business | neue Version 17.3.6798.0207


Still und heimlich hat Microsoft auf den Knopf gedrückt. Ich habe jetzt zwei Tage gewartet, aber bis heute hat Microsoft kein Change-Log veröffentlicht. Ich habe vereinzelt  Meldungen erhalten, dass nach dem Update der Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) gestartet und

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Still working on the new website, which will provide a single location to aggregate all of the research projects and community activities that fall under the CollabTalk banner. As I was going through my buckleyPLANET newsletter db and cleaning out

Office 365: How to add a new calendar in OWA!


If you need to add a new calendar in OWA (for instance a room or an equipment calendar), just following the steps described bellow: At the Office 365 Portal, clic the Calendar tile from the Office 365 Home or the

Office 365: Como agregar un nuevo calendario en OWA (I)!


Para agregar un nuevo calendario en OWA (como puede ser el calendario de una sala o de un recurso): En el portal de Office 365 hacemos clic en el Tile de Calendario (a través de la página principal de Office

Migrating Azure AD Connect to a New Server


For organizations that are using synchronized identities for Office 365, the directory synchronization tool of choice these days is Azure AD Connect. To keep AAD Connect running you may eventually have the need to move it to another server. There

February Webinar Resources

February 2017 Need to Know Webinar—Robert Our February webinar event is all done. You can see the slides either above or download them directly from here: February 2017 Need to Know Webinar If you are not a CIAOPS patron

Always Focus on Productivity


I may have spent a good portion of my career building or running project and product management teams, but I owe a lot of my process knowledge (and what little patience I have) from my two years in an operations

Office 365: Configuración y uso de Outlook Customer Manager (II)!


Siguiendo con la serie de artículos sobre OCM, en esta ocasión vamos a ver como gestionar contactos desde la vista de Add-Ins de Outlook: Accedemos a la vista de Add-Ins para OCM de manera que se muestra el panel de

More Granular Permissions for Office 365 Groups: A Work in Progress?


There are changes afoot in the way we can manage permissions in an Office 365 Group Team Site. (Naming for this stuff is getting really tricky. I continue my habit of capitalizing “things” that have a name in the product,

Exchange Server Error: An Incomplete Installation Was Detected


I ran into an interesting issue while I was removing an Exchange 2016 server from an environment. The uninstall process failed on step 5 of 13 and threw an error. The error itself is not all that important for this