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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Bulk Assigning Customized licenses in Office 365 using Powershell


Introduction Bulk assigning customized licenses in office 365 using PowerShell is one of those rare asked that customer can ask you to do based on their business and technical requirements. I have been working with many enterprise customers and many

Naming New Office 365 Groups Intelligently Is !Important


Sympraxis is starting a new Office 365 -based Intranet project with Sue Hanley (@susanhanley). Julie (@jfj1997) and I are really going to enjoy working with Sue! As always when we’re starting a project, we want to start collaborating with the

Stop making your users feel stupid!


A common complaint I hear from IT Professionals today is that technology is moving too fast and they can’t keep up. Yup, agreed. However, did you ever take a step back and think about what it’s like for your users?

Changing the OWA Reply All Default Setting to Reply


One of Microsoft’s interesting design decisions with Outlook on the web (OWA) for Exchange is the default setting of “Reply all” for replying to email messages. As any seasoned email admin will tell you, careless use of “Reply all” has the

Need to Know Podcast–Episode 133


A quick news day and then we jump in to interview Greg Low on his upcoming Microsoft Ignite Australia event. Why your Next Application Should use Azure SQL DB as a Datastore Developers who are creating new applications need a

Recap Office 365 Konferenz – Office 365 Business Tag 2017


In der vergangenen Woche fand der Office 365 Business Tag statt. Es war die in diesem Jahr stattfindende Office 365 Konferenz, die über einen Tag ging und im Münchner Office der Microsoft Deutschland GmbH stattfand. Das Orgateam bestand diesmal aus

New Service Health Dashboard for Office 365


The Service Health Dashboard in the Office 365 admin portal provides customers with a view of the health of the wide variety of services in Office 365. Microsoft uses the Service Health Dashboard to notify us about known issues, incidents, and planned maintenance.

Office365MVPs moving to RE:Office 365 on Medium

We’ve been working on a new collaborative project regarding Office 365. But first a salute to what has paved the way. For a few years now, I have run the blog aggregate site The goal has been to bring

Need to Know Podcast–Episode 132


Jeff Alexander from Microsoft joins Marc and I after our usual cloud updates to talk about his two sessions at the upcoming Microsoft Ignite Australia conference. These are: Get ahead of Cyber attacks with Enterprise Mobility + Security We are

Convert Office 365 Domain to Managed


Introduction You are required to convert office 365 domain to managed when you have issues with federated domain or federation provider. We can leverage cloud based identities, synced identities or federated identities to authenticate in Office 365. This blog post