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DarrellaaS Live | Professional Learning Community Groups and OneNote

Are you a member of a Professional Learning Community (PLC)? Many teachers and schools benefit from the supportive structure of  PLCs, where they can improve their professional learning, work collaboratively on learning goals and lesson plans, ultimately improving learning for

Conversations about documents in Microsoft Teams


Teams discuss documents. Discussions enrich documents and documents enrich discussions. Discussions refine documents. If you don’t believe me, there is documented proof. I just don’t have it on me at this stage. But “Believe me. It’s true. It’s going to

Assigning Microsoft Classroom licenses to multiple users


Rachel Chisnall (@ibpossum) and I had some trouble assigning Microsoft Classroom licenses to multiple users. The preferred way is to use Microsoft’s School Data Sync if you have it in place. But if you don’t and want to make a few

Yammer – Mark all as Read, is here.

Do I need to say more than this? In February 2016 we received an update that allowed us to select posts and mark all the selected as read. But this update is the one we have been waiting for. Inbox

Team Sites Generally Available in Office 365 Groups


All organizations using Office 365 Groups will benefit from the full SharePoint Team Site experience as it has become generally available and rolls out to all Office 365 tenants this month. This means that group members can create more document libraries,

New features and the Consumerization of IT


I have some advice for IT Admins and I’m not pointing the finger. Four fingers are pointing back at me and it’s something I need to work on. 2017 is the year of simplification in technology, for me and my

Use your Online Archive with a Quick Step – Refreshed tip

We have had a lot of updates since I first recorded this tip in 2013. In this video I refresh the tip, discussing the increase to our Inbox size and the native Archive option in the right-click context menu. I

Embed a Yammer conversation into a SharePoint page

I’d like to embed a discussion thread from Yammer, into one of the new SharePoint article pages with it’s modern Yammer web part. But I can only embed a Yammer group, topic (#hashtag), person or the All Network feed. What