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Introducing EXPTA Consulting!


I’m super excited to announce that I’ve started a new IT consulting practice, EXPTA Consulting, LLC. With over 30 years’ of experience and the highest certifications in the IT industry, count on EXPTA Consulting as your trusted advisor. We specialize in

How to Trigger an AAD Connect Sync from a Remote Computer


If you use AAD Connect to synchronize on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD, you may find it more convenient to trigger an AAD sync from a remote domain-joined computer or server. I frequently do this when I make a change

How to confirm if your IP address is blocked by Exchange Online Protection (EOP)


Exchange Online Protection uses several mechanisms to protect the service and its customers from receiving spam from known bad or suspicious IP addresses. This article explains how to check if the public IP address used by your messaging server is

Explaining Conditional Access and Azure Pass Through Authentication


My article, Is Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication Right for You? generated some comments and questions about how PTA works with conditional access in Azure AD. There was enough confusion that I wrote a companion article, Explaining Conditional Access and Azure Pass Through Authentication.

Is Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication Right for You?


Microsoft just released the new Azure Pass-Through Authentication and seamless Single Sign On option available in the new Azure AD Connect. This new authentication mechanism has a lot of great features and is well thought out, but it’s not for

How to Manage Distribution Groups from Office 365 in a Hybrid Environment


When on-premises distribution groups are synced to an Office 365 tenant via Azure Active Directory Connect, migrated users who are owners of the distribution group can’t manage them in Outlook. Depending on the version of Outlook used, the user will