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Migrating Azure AD Connect to a New Server


For organizations that are using synchronized identities for Office 365, the directory synchronization tool of choice these days is Azure AD Connect. To keep AAD Connect running you may eventually have the need to move it to another server. There

Exchange Server Error: An Incomplete Installation Was Detected


I ran into an interesting issue while I was removing an Exchange 2016 server from an environment. The uninstall process failed on step 5 of 13 and threw an error. The error itself is not all that important for this

First Steps: Securing Office 365 Administrator Accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication


When you sign up a new Office 365 tenant a Global Admin account is created for you. This Global Admin account, and any other admin accounts you create later on, are highly privileged, powerful accounts that need to be protected

GitLab Data Loss Lessons for Office 365 Customers


In late January of this year GitLab, a Git repository and source-code management service similar to GitHub, suffered the permanent loss of some customer data. As reported by The Register: Behind the scenes, a tired sysadmin, working late at night in

Update to the Office 365 Message Center Digest Email Script


A couple of weeks ago I released my PowerShell script for generating an email report of Office 365 Message Center notifications. After it was released one reader, Ryan Mitchell, kindly sent me some changes that he had made to improve

Changing the OWA Reply All Default Setting to Reply


One of Microsoft’s interesting design decisions with Outlook on the web (OWA) for Exchange is the default setting of “Reply all” for replying to email messages. As any seasoned email admin will tell you, careless use of “Reply all” has the

New Service Health Dashboard for Office 365


The Service Health Dashboard in the Office 365 admin portal provides customers with a view of the health of the wide variety of services in Office 365. Microsoft uses the Service Health Dashboard to notify us about known issues, incidents, and planned maintenance.

What’s New in Office 365 for January 2017


Office 365 for IT Pros, 3rd Edition is continually updated with new information, changes and corrections. Customers who bought the book from this website can download the updated files from their purchase history. Updates applied to the Amazon Kindle version are available

The Sun is Setting on Site Mailboxes in Office 365


Microsoft is notifying Office 365 customers that access to Site Mailboxes is being removed from SharePoint Online, and no more Site Mailboxes can be created from March 2017 onward. The functionality of existing Site Mailboxes in a tenant will continue for

Office 365 Message Center Email Digest


In my recent post about managing change in Office 365 I talked about the role of Message Center notifications in keeping you up to date with changes occurring in the cloud. One of the weaknesses of the Message Center is