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Speaking: Microservices architecture and Azure Service Fabric


Speaking: Microservices architecture and Azure Service Fabric

I will be speaking about this new hot trend topic, please see details below:


February 22 – 2017. 6:30PM


Carrera 48 # 76DSur-52 Oficina 302, Software Estrategico, Sabaneta, Colombia


Microservices Architecture and Azure Service Fabric.

1. Microservices Introduction, and differences with monolithic apps.

  1. Design Principles

  2. Demo Azure Service Fabric.

Office 365: Just released a new version of the SPO Management Shell!


Microsoft has just released a new version of the SharePoint Online (SPO) Management Shell. You can downlad it fron the following url:

Office 365: Disponible una nueva versión del SPO Management Shell!


Desde esta misma semana tenemos disponible una nueva versión del SharePoint Online (SPO) Management Shell. Podéis descargaros la misma desde el siguiente enlace:

First Steps: Securing Office 365 Administrator Accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication


When you sign up a new Office 365 tenant a Global Admin account is created for you. This Global Admin account, and any other admin accounts you create later on, are highly privileged, powerful accounts that need to be protected from compromise.

Protecting the accounts with a strong password that is safely stored in a database such as 1Password or LastPass is one step towards securing them. But you can protect them further by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is also sometimes referred to as two-step or two-factor authentication (2FA). Multi-factor authentication requires a person to know the account’s username,

The Email Resurgence


Ok, that title is not exactly honest — because email never went anywhere. It certainly didn’t die, as was predicted by every social technology vendor ever. Funny enough, one of the biggest perpetrators of this fallacy was Yammer — and then they got acquired by one of the largest purveyors of email technology, Microsoft. Even so, some of their anti-email messaging continued for a while after the acquisition, but went silent around the same time that Office 365 Groups came onto the scene.

For decades now, email has been one of the most prevalent and successful collaboration tools on the

DarrellaaS Live | Professional Learning Community Groups and OneNote

Are you a member of a Professional Learning Community (PLC)? Many teachers and schools benefit from the supportive structure of  PLCs, where they can improve their professional learning, work collaboratively on learning goals and lesson plans, ultimately improving learning for all students. But teachers are very busy and running and participating in PLCs can be challenging.

Microsoft provide a simplified collection of tools for teachers to communicate, collaborate and coordinate within Professional Learning Communities. Powered by Office 365 Groups and OneNote, PLC Groups support the communities activities without making technology the focus, or a barrier.

As New Zealand and southern hemisphere teachers

The Arctic SharePoint Challenge: A Hackathon for Office 365 Enthusiasts


This is an expanded version of the article I wrote for BZ Media‘s SPTechReport – the folks who bring you SPTechCon – last week. (Use my code ANDERSON when you register for SPTechCon Austin and save an additional $200!)

Last week I had the honor of being a judge at the Arctic SharePoint Challenge in Oslo, Norway. This is an annual challenge put on by a group of SharePoint-focused consulting companies in and around Oslo, though occasionally teams come from further afield.

Each year, there is a different theme. Two years ago when I was a judge the first time, the theme

OneDrive | reduzierter Speicherplatz wegen Wegfall Bing-Bonus


Die Zeiten von riesigem, unentgeltlichen OneDrive Speicher sind vorbei. Zumindest mit den unentgeltlichen. So wurde bei mir jetzt der 100 GB BING Bonus gestrichen.

Was tun, wenn man mit seinem Speicher schon über kostenlosen 15 GB und dem möglichen Loyalitätsbonus von 10 GB ist?

Bleibt nur das kostenpflichtige Upgrade:

50 GB für 2 € im Monat. Oder Office 365 Home (z.B. für die Familie) oder Office 365 Personal heraus. Bei Microsoft kosten diese 10€ oder 7€ monatlich

Dafür bekommt man dann :

Upgrade nach Preis OneDrive (Personal) Speicher 50 GB Speicher 2 € /Monat vorhandener Speicher

Building Unity Through Community Service


When I started blogging on a regular basis back in 1998, publishing content was a painful process. Back then, I used a free text editor and posted simple HTML to my startup’s website, uploading my images and content using a free FTP tool. In February 2004, I switched to Moveable Type and ended up paying for Typepad, which is still my blogging platform today – and, as I explained in my initial post for the new blog, my goal for the site (originally called SamaritanWeb) was to document work toward my planned doctoral studies looking at “the social applications of

Troubleshooting Office 365 Room Mailbox Permission Issue



Recently, working with an enterprise customer, we came across an issue where Office 365 room mailbox permissions were not being applied correctly. Most of the time after we assign permission to a Room Mailbox in Office 365 the permissions were not synchronized correctly to outlook clients. We worked with Microsoft support for this issue but it seems to be a product “bug” but i cannot confirm this or it seems like PowerShell is the way to trust when working with workloads in Office 365. Troubleshooting Office 365 room mailbox permissions issues requires me to perform all level of testing