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Setting up Room Finder in Office 365 using Room list


Introduction to Room List

Setting up room finder in Office 365 using room list is required when you are migrating to Office 365 from a non-exchange platform or you are using Office 365 in your organization. Setting up Room finder in Office 365 using Room list feature is also available in on-premises exchange version as well. Based on your organization requirements, it could be possible that the users users may be used to of looking up conference rooms by checking all rooms available to them and then picking the room they want depending on which ones are available. In Office

Need to Know Podcast–Episode 139


You can’t stop the presses so we’re back with a heap of Azure and Office 365 news. We round up all the Microsoft cloud happenings and then jump into our super special guest, Christophe Fiessinger, Office 365 program manager from Microsoft to talk all about his presentation at Microsoft Ignite Australia:

Get the Latest on Office 365 Groups – Overview, What’s New and Roadmap

You’re invited to discover Microsoft Office 365 Groups. It’s the key component of our group collaboration solution, enabling you to move from task to task with cross application group membership (managed in Azure AD). Office 365 apps that are leveraging groups include Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer, OneNote, Skype for Business, Planner, Power BI, and Dynamics CRM. We’ll unlock the following topics: overview & demonstration, administration, and product roadmap.

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Azure news from Marc

New Groups integration abilities

Team Flows

Power BI Reports in SharePoint

Azure backup, instant file recovery

Azure CAT

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Azzure Munich Meetup – OneDrive Deep Dive


Am 18.4.2017 ist es soweit. Dann bin ich dabei, auf dem Azure Munich Meetup in München. Wir sind zu Gast bei Microsoft.  Mein MVP Kollege Markus Klein wird uns etwas zu Azure Stack erzählen und von mir gibt es

OneDrive Deep Dive

Und manch einer wird sich fragen, was hat den OneDrive / OneDrive for Business mit Azure zu tun. Nun die Auflösung gibt’s am 18.4.2017 ab 19:00 Uhr  in der Deutschland Zentrale von Microsoft in München

Und hier geht’s zur Anmeldung

(und für die Microsoft Kollegen im Haus, wenn ihr teilnehmen möchtet, bitte ebenfalls anmelden. Danke)

A Brave New PM World


On my drive back to Utah from a week in Seattle, I had a great call with fellow Microsoft MVP Treb Gatte (@tgatte), who is an expert on Project Server and PowerBI. We were talking about the evolution of the project manager role, and the wide-open opportunity for business intelligence solutions in this enterprise solution category. I shared with him some of my experiences, which really began back in the mid-1990’s when, as a young project manager at Pacific Bell in the San Francisco East Bay (San Ramon, then Pleasanton, specifically), I was tasked with documenting and building out our

Unexpected result from Windows Live. 1007 Access Denied – Federation Trust


Recently while trying to remove a domain from the federation trust I received the following error.

The URI couldn't be released. An unexpected results was received from Windows Live 1007 Access Denied

The URI "" for domain "" on application identifier "000000004804735E" couldn't be released. Detailed information: "An unexpected result was received from Windows Live. Detailed information: "1007 AccessDenied: Access Denied.".".

Despite the almost cryptic error this one is actually quite simple to fix. In this particular case the time in my domain was 5 minutes behind the rest of the world. Or more importantly, 5 minutes offset from the Microsoft Federation Gateway. As soon as I brought my time forward I was able to immediately release the shared domain from the federation trust.

Error 1007 can occur while making other configuration changes to the federation trust. It is not just linked to releasing a domain. So if you see this error while performing any task with the federation trust, check the time on your Exchange boxes.

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The delegation token is NULL – Hybrid Free/Busy


Ran into a strange issue recently where on-premises users could not see the free/busy information for test users I had migrated to Exchange Online. Exchange Online on the other hand had no problem seeing the free/busy of the on-premises users. I had just run the hybrid configuration wizard and it completed without incident. The environment had not been previously enabled for the Microsoft Federation Gateway so I let the wizard take care of that step as well.

When we tested the trust with the federation gateway we received the following error on Step 5 of 6: Requesting delegation token.

 C:> Test-FederationTrust -UserIdentity


RunspaceId : e4e42cab-62f4-4d70-be15-69143b273823
Id : TokenRequest
Type : Error
Message : Failed to request delegation token.

Error. Attempted to get delegation token, but token came back as null.

The token coming back as null seemed to be the key here. Unfortunately, the web seemed to lack any real way to fix the existing trust. We resolved to delete and recreate the trust with the federation gateway.

Recreating the Federation Trust

Warning: Before we get started with the process you will need access to external DNS zone. Recreating the trust voids the current TXT record that was used for domain validation.

To delete the federation trust navigate to the Organization > Sharing tabs in the Exchange Admin Center. Under the section titled Federation Trust click the Remove button. Click Yes to confirm.

Removing the trust with the Microsoft Federation Gateway

Once the federation has been removed click Close. While still on the sharing tab click Enable.

Enabling the trust with the Microsoft Federation Gateway

The federation trust will be recreated. Click Close. Then click Modify.

Enabling the trust with the Microsoft Federation Gateway 2

On the Edit Sharing Domains window click Browse. Select an accepted domain to use for the unique namespace of the federation trust. Under Step 2 click the Add (Add button) button to specify additional sharing domains. Add these new TXT records to your external DNS zone. Your old records will no longer be valid. Click Update to begin the domain validate process.

Enabling the trust with the Microsoft Federation Gateway 3

Confirm this resolved the issue by running the Test-FederationTrust cmdlet once more. This time all steps should pass and the token should be received. From here verify free/busy functionality with Office 365 mailboxes.

 C:> Test-FederationTrust -UserIdentity


RunspaceId : e4e42cab-62f4-4d70-be15-69143b273823
Id : TokenValidation
Type : Success
Message : Requested delegation token is valid.

For other free/busy issues I recommend checking out the Free/Busy Troubleshooter from Microsoft. This walks you through the troubleshooting process for many common errors.

Twitter Have you run into this error? What was your solution? Drop a comment below or come join the conversation on Twitter @SuperTekBoy.

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ShareGate Blog: The Intranet Is Dead. Long Live the Modern Workplace!

ShareGate released my latest blog: The Intranet Is Dead. Long Live the Modern Workplace! A pretty controversial title but I sincerely believe in the title and the content. Mark my words: Not this year, next year, the one of that but eventually an Intranet Portal becomes obsolete. The Modern Workplace has the future. Click here to read. Thanks again the the awesome folks at ShareGate for providing me with a platform to share my thoughts, feelings and advice around SharePoint & Office 365.

Office 365 Update: Learning Tools for Word Online

New features in Learning Tools, currently available in OneNote along with Word desktop, are now rolling out to Word Online with modify views and include techniques that help people read more effectively, such as:

Read Aloud reads text out loud with simultaneous highlighting which improves decoding, fluency, and comprehension while sustaining focus and attention. Spacing optimizes font spacing in a narrow column view to improve reading fluency for users who suffer from “visual crowding” issues. Syllables shows the breaks between syllables to improve word recognition and decoding.
How does this affect me?

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Office 365 Update: New Internal Sharing Mails

We’re updating the OneDrive for Business Internal Sharing Mails.

How does this affect me?

Mails sent from sharing documents from OneDrive for Business to internal users will have a new modern look that provides more information to the recipient as to what’s being shared at a glance. At this time these mails will no longer be CC’d to the original sender. We will be replacing this behavior by sending these mails from the original sender’s mailbox (as opposed to a no-reply address) in the near future.

We’ll be gradually rolling this out to First Release customers in early February.


Pivot Report Sharing


Here is a fast paced, 8 minute video which will revolutionize Pivot Report Sharing. Using OneDrive or SharePoint, control the visibility and provide full interactivity. Reports render instantly even with large files and low bandwidth.

Pivot Report Sharing articles

New, Improved way of delivering Excel reports: Part 1
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New, Improved way of publishing Excel reports: Part 3

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