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Microsoft releases new “Tenant Restriction” capability

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the General Availability of the “Tenant Restriction” capability. Although I have not been able to play with it so far, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the usefulness of the feature following a debate I had with a customer questioning me why they would be…

#Zune Retro Ads


Great product, late to market, confusing but visually brilliant ad campaigns. Oh Zune, you left us too soon. If only you were still around – people would love you so.

Except the part about people not listening to standalone music players any more, and using their phones instead.

At least my Gen1 is still going strong.

Assigning Microsoft Classroom licenses to multiple users


Rachel Chisnall (@ibpossum) and I had some trouble assigning Microsoft Classroom licenses to multiple users. The preferred way is to use Microsoft’s School Data Sync if you have it in place. But if you don’t and want to make a few quick changes, you’re probably going to assign licenses in the Office 365 Admin portal. Within Office 365 Admin, the experience is a little confusing. You have two choices when bulk assigning licenses. Add OR Replace. More can be read in “Assign or remove licenses for Office 365 for business” – Microsoft Support documentation.

Use Add to existing licenses assignments when

OneDrive for Business… In your own language!


So! I joined an awesome team at Valo Intranet recently and I’m super excited of what we are cooking to make you fall in love with your intranet! Even though thing are going fairly smoothly over there, one very specific Office 365 feature was making me go crazy, every single day!

The context

Valo is part of a bigger company called Sininen Meteoriitti (that is also absolutely awesome and that won the best employer for like the last 7 years) that is based in Finland. And as far as I know, my Finnish is not exactly my best language

Introducing EXPTA Consulting!


I’m super excited to announce that I’ve started a new IT consulting practice, EXPTA Consulting, LLC.
With over 30 years’ of experience and the highest certifications in the IT industry, count on EXPTA Consulting as your trusted advisor. We specialize in on-premises Exchange Server, Skype for Business, Office 365, and hybrid solutions that solve your business challenges.

On-Premises Solutions We know that a lot of organizations can’t or won’t go to the cloud for many reasons. We offer expert professional services to keep your on-premises Exchange and Skype for Business infrastructure in top running condition, perform upgrades,

Office 365 Update: We’re removing Site Mailboxes in SharePoint Online

Beginning March 2017, new SharePoint Online organizations will no longer have access to the Site Mailbox feature, existing SharePoint Online organizations will no longer be able to create new Site Mailboxes; however, any Site Mailboxes provisioned prior to March 2017 will continue to function.

How does this affect me?

You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates your organization has one or more Site Mailboxes available. Beginning March 2017, your users may no longer create new Site Mailboxes.

In September 2017, we will have a process in place allowing you to transition your existing Site Mailbox site to an

Scheduling Twitter Content with Azure Functions


A few months ago, I was looking at ways to schedule my Twitter content: basically, I wanted to define when a specific tweet should be posted. The reason behind this? Mostly, I wanted to promote content from my blog for people in different timezones. I live in Singapore, which means that when I use Twitter in the morning, people in Europe are still asleep, and people in the US are likely going to bed soon as well. So I was looking for a way to post the same content multiple times during different times of the day to reach different

What’s New in Office 365 for January 2017


Office 365 for IT Pros, 3rd Edition is continually updated with new information, changes and corrections. Customers who bought the book from this website can download the updated files from their purchase history. Updates applied to the Amazon Kindle version are available through your Kindle library after they are approved by Amazon.

The new year has begun, and the pace of change in Office 365 has not slowed down at all. During January, Microsoft announced the general availability of StaffHub, an application designed for managing rosters and scheduling for staff workers. StaffHub is yet another application in Office 365 that leverages Groups,

The Sun is Setting on Site Mailboxes in Office 365


Microsoft is notifying Office 365 customers that access to Site Mailboxes is being removed from SharePoint Online, and no more Site Mailboxes can be created from March 2017 onward. The functionality of existing Site Mailboxes in a tenant will continue for the time being.

Site Mailboxes originally appeared as a feature of Exchange Server 2013. Positioned as a collaboration tool for teams, Site Mailboxes stitched together an Exchange mailbox with a SharePoint site to allow users to collect email conversations in a single location, as well as access shared documents from both Outlook and SharePoint. On-premises adoption of Site Mailboxes

SharePoint Online | Download multiple Files


Sometimes it’s easy. You have to wait. And here the Big Brother have learned from his little brother. I’m speaking about OneDrive for Business and OneDrive (Personal). In OneDrive (Personal) the functionality of automatically packing files into a zip file, if you select more than one file and the Download was implemented a long time ago.

1 Select more than one file 2 Click on Download 3 All selected files are zipped into a file and you may save it. The message differs depending on the browser and its settings,

Microsoft rolled out this new function to