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Next Generation Sync Client – Technologie


Es ist schon ein paar Tage her,seit dem wir in der Lage sind, Dokumente und Dateien in SharePoint auf den lokalen PC zu synchronisieren. Die alte Technologie (Groove.exe) und die neue Technologie des Next Generation Sync Client versetzt uns in die Lage, diese Dateien sicher zwischen der Cloud und einem lokalen Gerät zu übertragen und die Bearbeitung mit mehreren Personen zu initiieren. Die neuen Client-Programme wie Word, Excel und PowerPoint oder aber die Online Versionen sind inzwischen mit erweiterten Möglichkeiten ausgestattet, so dass z.B. auch das gleichzeitige Bearbeiten von Dokumenten möglich ist. Aus der Vergangenheit hat Microsoft viel gelernt. Und

¿Que son los dominios Aceptados? | Exchange 2016

  Hola amigos,   En esta sencilla publicación, explicaremos el relay bajo el cual trabaja Exchange Server, esto aplica no solo para Exchange 2016, si no también para Exchange Online (aunque cambia un poco despues hablaremos de eso), 2013, 2010 y 2007. Coff Coff, también conocido como el Poderoso Exchangiiiiiiii   Estos conceptos se presentaron […]

Eliminar Permanentemente usuarios de Office 365 – Office 365

  Hola Amigos,   En esta sencilla publicación veremos como podemos eliminar usuarios permanentemente de Office 365. (Coff Coff También conocido como el Poderos…….mmmmh, aquí no aplica)   Si bien sabemos desde el Portal de 365 podemos eliminar usuarios, ya sean nativos de 365 o sincronizados de AD Local en un ambiente hibrido   Usemos […]

Is Your User Group Still Relevant?


It’s an important question – one that user groups around the world should constantly ask themselves. As a former board member of the Puget Sound SharePoint User Group (PSSPUG, now called O365 Seattle) and now part of the Utah SPUG, and also having running entrepreneur and collaboration user groups for years as part of the now-defunct in the San Francisco Bay Area (which was formed with fellow members of SDForum, now SVForum), I’ve been formally participating in these kinds of community activities for more than 20 years (which makes me suddenly feel really old). And throughout that experience, I

SharePoint Online | Mehrere Dateien herunterladen


Manchmal ist es einfach. Da kann der große Bruder vom kleinen Bruder lernen. Und das hat OneDrive for Business von OneDrive (der persönlichen Variante) gelernt. Dort gibt es die Funktionalität schon lange. Es geht um das automatische “Zippen” von mehreren Dateien bei einem Download:

1 Zuerst werden in einer Dokumentenbibliothek mehrere Dateien markiert. 2 Dann wird auf Herunterladen geklickt 3 Alle markierten Dateien werden in eine Datei gepackt und zum Herunterladen angeboten und je nach Browser und Einstellung automatisch gespeichert.

Diese Funktionalität wird derzeit auf allen Tenants ausgerollt. Danke Microsoft, warum nicht gleich so.

How to Trigger an AAD Connect Sync from a Remote Computer


If you use AAD Connect to synchronize on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD, you may find it more convenient to trigger an AAD sync from a remote domain-joined computer or server. I frequently do this when I make a change to an on-prem AD object from my Windows 10 workstation or Exchange server. Remote PowerShell to the rescue!

Copy the following Sync-AAD.ps1 script to your Windows path (I put it in C:Windows) on the computer or server where you want to run it.
$AADComputer = ((Get-ADUser -Filter ‘Name -like “AAD_*”‘ -Properties Description).Description).split(” “)[13].trim(“.”) + “.” + (Get-WmiObject win32_computersystem).Domain
$session = New-PSSession

Office 365 Update: Monthly feature updates for Office 2016 for Office 365

The latest feature updates for Office 2016 for Office 365 are now available. One of the benefits of Office 365 ProPlus is that Microsoft can provide new features for Office apps on a regular basis, through monthly updates.

How does this affect me?

We don’t list all of the features available this month, here; but this month’s update includes new feature updates, as well as other security and bug fixes. The January updates include (but not limited to):

Changes in shared files Grab object handles with the Surface pen to resize, rotate, move, and more. Closed captions in PowerPoint

Office 365 Update: Calendar events for groups in Outlook

We’re updating Calendar events for groups in Outlook. We’ll be gradually rolling this out to First Release customers in late January with the worldwide roll out expected to complete by the end of February.

This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 72296.

How does this affect me?

Responding to user feedback around lost or missed group events, we are now enabling all groups users to receive calendar events from their joined groups directly in their inbox. This way, users will no longer have to manually add group events on their personal calendar, they will always receive it

Office 365 Message Center Email Digest


In my recent post about managing change in Office 365 I talked about the role of Message Center notifications in keeping you up to date with changes occurring in the cloud. One of the weaknesses of the Message Center is the lack of email notifications, requiring admins to visit the Office 365 admin portal regularly to keep up with new messages. That’s not very convenient since many admins rarely visit that portal, either due to an infrequent need to perform the tasks that portal makes available (such as license management), or because they’ve done the right thing and automated most

Setting up Microsoft StaffHub for Information Workers in Office 365


Introduction to StaffHub

Microsoft introduced StaffHub a new application in Office 365 designed to help staff workers manage their day to day activities with schedule management, information sharing and the ability to connect with other work-related apps and resources. StaffHub helps deskless workers to easily create and manage shift schedules for their team and provide relevant information. StaffHub is a go to app for deskless workers to schedule and share important information on their mobile device. Microsoft staffhub was made available in public preview in September 2016. Starting January 2017 Microsoft StaffHub was announced to be generally available worldwide for information workers. This blog